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H100i GTX Installed in Graphite 600T


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Greetings all, just signed up to post this..


I recently upgraded my PC and as part of the build I purchased a H100i GTX for the cooling, however I stayed with my trusty 600T as I just love the case :-)


I initially installed the rad on the underside of the top panel with the fans on the outside of the case but I really didn't like the aesthetic or the air flow so I decided to mode the case to allow for swapping this around.


I didn't see any other posts on the topic so I wanted to share for posterity and so that other know that it works.


As you will see below, the lid fits fine, it's VERY tight and you have to push the back end down to get the clips to engage but it sits fine and does not appear bent.


I used a dremal with a diamond coated disk to do the cutting with all the PC bits removed... LOTS of careful cleaning with a damp cloth after!!



Anyway, pic's or it didn't happen!


PC Stripped and cowling removed





Hole cut





Remove a section of the lid bracing




Clean and replace cowling



Mount the Rad





Mount all the fans





Build the system






Enjoy the PC








Hope this proves useful to others

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That's a good lookin' build you got there. :)


Thanks :-)


What with the initial build then the rebuild to move the rad it's been a good 6 hours or so in the making.. Half the fun of owning a PC is making it though IMHO


The quad HDD cage I have mounted under the CD-ROM makes a HUGE difference to the look of the finished item I feel.

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I'd have to agree, it looks good.


Nothing to do with the Corsair... Case, RAM, PSU, Cooler, Fans, 2 Link items and the Gaming Headset :-)


Hell if you guys made GPU's with Corsair link I would have had those also!



Glad you like it

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