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ASUS P5GD1 and CMX512-3200XL - RAM OC


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Hi, I have 1GB of 2x(CORSAIR CMX512-3200XL)

and a ASUS P5GD1 mobo... well this is working ok but i was just doing a memory bandwidth test using Si Sandra and i get 4400 Mb/s i think it was...

Anyway in the BIOS I can pick from 333 400 600

Is it safe to try running the RAM at 600??

I was expecting a 500 option which I would have tried. But I can’t see one.


The other thing I can do is OC to 900FSB/PC450 which works but my CPU gets too hot (60 Deg C at Idle) INTEL 560 (3.6GHz) Normally 40 Deg C although it would be nice as this gives me 4 GHz




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