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Possible faulty CM66SD1024-2100 modules


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Hello forum members,


I have a pair of CM66SD1024-2100 (Corasair 1GB, DDR266) modules installed in my Soyo K7V-Dragon Plus motherboard. This board has an Athlon XP1900 currently installed, and is powered by an Antec True Power 550W power supply. I do not think power stability is a problem. These modules are a couple of years old. My system has been growing less and less stable over the last monthes. In particular, the system will frequently lock up just after windows XP boots completely or have problems booting altogether. I have done two things that have led me to believe the memory is faulty.


1) I have been using quite conservative DRAM timing, and there is little more I can do to slow things down.


CAS=2.5, CLK=133MHz, Bank interleave disables, Trp=3T, Tras=6T, Trcd=3T, DRAM Queue=4, Write recovery=2T, DRAM Command Rate=2T


2) Replacing the Corsair modules with an even older pair of Mushkin 256MB high performance 222 memory solves all the problems.


I would like to obtain a replacement pair of Corsair modules if possible. Please advise.





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