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VS1GBKIT400C3, Are these results okay?


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Tested on Abit AV8 with Winchester 3000+ CPU:

SiSoft Sandra: 4750 MB Memory Bandwidth


Settings are 3-3-3-8 and command rate is set to 2T.

Should I try 3-4-4-8 and 1T? Would that make sense?

When set to 1T and 3-3-3-8 then I keep getting winXP bluescreens and general system instability etc.

Memory bandwidth is then 5200 MB.

I however read somewhere thats normal with the C3 kit as it needs 2T there.


Is that result okay?

For some odd reason Sandra also reports a DDR frequency of 360 mhz or something like that. Even though the BIOS as well as the POST screen clearly states 200 Mhz DRAM Frequency.

Which to believe?

I guess the program is -as often- simply wrong.

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I have done a little more research on that subject.

When running on 3-4-4-8 and 1T then the system is unstable and produces memory errors etc. even when I clock the FSB down to 200 or below.

When running at 2T, i can set the memory to 3-3-3-8 and it runs stable as a rock and even takes the 4 Mhz overclocking the AV8 runs the system on.


That gives me 4800 MB of bandwidth and I am happy with that, FarCry loading times are half as long and Half Life 2 runs noticably smoother as well.


My question is: Is it safe to run the kit on 3-3-3-8 with 2T?


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