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Shuttle SN45G V2, XP 3200+ and VS1GBKIT400 dont work at full FSB!


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I bought a Shuttle SN45G V2 and installed an XP 3200+ and VS1GBKIT400. But it doesnt work with the Optimized Defaults. It does the POST, detects the drives but when it should start loading Windows it resets, the usual XP Loading Screen doesnt appear. I now have the FSB Frequency reduced to about 190 Mhz and it works flawless.

I am a little afraid just switching around BIOS parameters i dont really understand, but I really would like do run my System with the full FSB.




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Are there jumpers on the MOBO set for a 400 FSB.

Refer to the manual to see if it's set for a 400MHz CPU by default.

The MOBO supports CPU's from a 200-400 FSB.

Usually boards are shipped with the jumpers set to the lowest FSB.


And i am allready runnig the board with an FSB Frequency of around 190 Mhz => 380.

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