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Dual channel with 2x256 cas 3 and 1x512 cas 2.5 value select


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Hey everyone,


I'm currently running 2x256 sticks on corsair value select in dual channel mode on my msi k7n2 delta board which i'm pretty sure is the CAS 3 stuff, i bought it in a matched pair kit.


I want to upgrade but the closest i can find is a 512 value select stick that is CAS 2.5, so my question is will i be able to run this setup in dual channel mode? ( 2x256 CAS 3 and 1x512 cas 2.5)


I don't really mind the overall timing dropping to CAS 3, unless anyone thinks that running it in non-dual channel mode at CAS 2.5 for the 512 and CAS 3 for the 2x256 would be a better performance increase?


Any thoughts and opinions are much appreciated :)


cheers :)

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Welcome to the forums, Gentio!


Well, there's no gaurantee that it'll work. Mixing and matching like that doesn't usually work out too well, but you can always try it.


As for the questions... 1Gb of memory at CAS 3 is a better idea than 512 at CAS 2.5 if you can get it to work. Newer programs and WinXP damned near require that much RAM these days.


Good luck!




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I strongly agree, CAS 3 isnt really that bad either.

I have 2x 512 MB CAS 3 value select RAM from Corsair and BOY is my machine running now!

FarCry or Doom 3 levels load not even half as long as they did before with my dual channel 2x 256 CAS 2.5 sticks.

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Ok that's great guys, thanks for your replies! i'll give a go and see what happens, that's what i figured really, even if it doens't work in dual channel the performance gain from another 512 will be worth it, cheers :)
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