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Abit AV8 with CMX512RE-3200LLPT TwinX


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I've recently purchased the Abit AV8 and a TwinX matched set of the 3200LLPT.


When using the sticks in slots 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 for dual channel mode, I can't post (post code 04). If I use the sticks in 1 & 3 (or separately) I boot fine in single channel.


I don't have access to another MB or another matched set of DIMMs to try in the MB...


Any suggestions?



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The fact that it's registered will cause the motherboard to reject the sticks in dual channel mode?


The fact that it's Registered will normally cause the MOBO th reject it period.

Sometimes one stick might work even though it's not supported.

I'm surprised that you got 2 sticks to work in different slots.

As Wired said, they should'nt work at all.

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