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Corsair air 240 Fully Water-cooled Build (HG10 N780)

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This is my final water-cooled build. It has a Corsair H55 Cooling the CPU with the radiator located on the back panel and a H100 cooling the GPU with the radiator located at the front.



I5-4440 CPU

EVGA SuperClocked GTX 780 Graphics Card

Asus Maximus VII Gene Motherboard


120GB Samsung SSD

1TB Caviar Black Hard Drive

16GB Corsair Vengance RAM

RM850 Corsair Power Supply

Corsair HG10 N780

NZXT Grid Fan Controller

Corsair H100 AIO

Corsair H55 AIO

3 x SP120 Corsair Fans

2 x Noctua 80mm Redux Fans




Side panel is a bit scratched but its hard to find a tough scratch resistant side panel.




At the back I have two 80mm Noctua Redux fans. I wasn't going to bother with these but I wouldn't have had any exhaust out of the case without these.




In the back chamber I have an NZXT Grid which has all of the fans and the pump for the AIOs plugged into it. It is connected to the CPU fan header on the motherboard which provides adequate power and the ability to adjust the fan speed of all the fans using AI Suite.




This is the centre piece of the system. I pre ordered the HG10 N780 as soon as it was available and took 9 weeks to get to me in the UK. It finally arrived and idle my GTX 780 runs at 24 degree Celsius and under load 52 degrees Celsius. Previously wth the blower style cooler it idled at 37 degree C and under load was 80 degrees C.




As you can see here I also have an EVGA gtx 780 backplate attached with the HG10 N780. Out of the box the HG10 N780 wasn't compatible with a backplate as the M3 Screws provided were not long enough to go through the backplate as well. I ordered 6mm M3 screws to replace them and they were the perfect length to go through the backplate and PCB to screw into the HG10 bracket.




This is the ugly behind hidden completely thanks to the two chamber design of the corsair Air 240. You can see that the CPU radiator is attached to the single 120mm fan mount located on the back side panel.





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I have the same case and also want to cool the CPU and GPU. I currently have a H100 for the CPU mounted at the front.


I notice you have the H100 cooling your CPU and a single rad for the CPU. For the CPU rad which way is the fan blowing

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Nice Setup. I have the same layout without the gpu cooling which I want to do.

I have one question, did the pump connected to the 120mm Rad fit through the cable holes between the two chambers or did you have to disconnect the tubes.


Thanks in advance.

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The fan on the radiator is doing the exhaust work. However, the better question is where is the intake air coming from in that compartment? With no other path, it likely pulls air through the grommets from the warm half of the case. What might work better is if the HDD space above the PSU was free. There is a nice pre-made opening there already. One more incentive to go with an all SSD system.
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