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Bad module VS256MB400C3 in Gateway 610S

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Hello RAM Guy,


I believe I've got a bad RAM module. in March 04, I purchased a matched pair of VS256MB400C3 to use in a media center PC in my living room. A little bit later I acquired a similar pair of 512MB (x2) Value Select RAM for my Gateway 610S system. All seemed to work well until a week ago when I swapped the memory because I needed more in my living room.


Immediately my Gateway 610 (with the VS256MB400C3) started crashing every now and then. After doing some system restores, I realized I might have some bad ram. I tried re-seating the chips and also swapping the slot (the Gateway 610 runs dual-channel). No luck, it still crashed. After consulting some friends and poking around this site, I downloaded Memtest-86 v3.2. Last night, after running it for a while (an hour or two), I had 10 different error reports on memtest (didn't write them down). At this time, I took one of the modules out so it would no longer be running dual-channel. I ran one of the modules for 73 passes over 8 hours and received the following error report:

TST Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err-Bits Count


5 38 0000e48ca50 - 228.7MB fffffeff dffffeff 20000000 1

5 38 0000eb6e9b0 - 235.8MB fffffeff dffffeff 20000000 1


After that, I installed the other stick and it has been testing for over 13 hours with no problem.


The Gateway 610 is not overclocked (nor do I think it can be). There are very limited BIOS settings. I believe it's been too long to try to return it to newegg.com.


What can I do? How do I go about getting this replaced?


Thanks in advance

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