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H100i GTX Fans not detected


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yesterday I got my Corsair H100i GTX and installed it in my brand new pc, but something is not working properly. Windows recognized my H100, but somehow not the fans connected to it. The corsair link software only shows my pump and all the temperatures, but only 1 fan which is not working(between 0 and 200 rpm). I tried everything, several reinstalls, other usb-cables, reg entries, etc. (btw I'm using windows 7 ult. SP1). In device-manager it shows an "unknown device", but its cleary not the pump, as this thing connect when i unplug/plug the cables. And the fans are spinning with about 800rpm each, but they are not controlled/recognized by the link software, because of that i also have high IDLE-Temps, bout 40° Celsius.



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