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Please Help - CMX512-3200


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I am hoping you will be able to help, I read every single post in this forum hoping for a solution but I have yet to come across one.


Heres my system:

p4 3.2e

MSI PT880 Motherboard

BGFTech 6800 GT OC

Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum

250gb SATA Hitachi drive on SATA1

80gb WD on IDE 1


I have a 420w PSU as well.


512MB Corsair XMS Ultra Performance CMX512-3200 400mhz

On the sticker on the mem it says 3200v4.1 (?)


(512OCZ EB Platinum 3200 added after the memtest LRAND failed, so can include that as my final setup as well).

All of these Items are BRAND NEW purchased together individually and put together by me.


The machine runs FLAWLESS, that is until I got a new game and it started dying all over itself. Finally someone recommends I run a Memtest from Memtest86, which I do, and it passes a few tests, then gets to the LRAND test and THOUSANDS of errors. (I stopped it at 1500+ to go get new mem):(


Ok so I take the memory out thinking its bad, go to the store and pick up 512MB of OCZ EB Platinum 3200 400mhz.


I put that in, and apparently the same issue.


Ok so I put both sticks in and run tests. I put both sticks in 1 and 3 and run tests. Always the same, pass every test EXCEPT LRAND.


Switched to Microsoft Memtest and pass all except LRAND, not nearly as many errors detected though with the MS memtest as Memtest86.


Heres my question:

I need to know if my memory will work in my board. I "THINK" I am on latest bios version but I will have my friend at home check for me and Ill update this today to be sure. I am great with hardware and setting things up but I dont know jack about memory timing and settings and voltages etc. I dont care about overclocking and dont have any intention to do so. All I want is for the memory to pass the tests error free and I want to avoid going through requesting a new stick at all costs.


What should / can I do to get these sticks working, hopefully together?


What voltage should I use?

What are the DRAM settings I need to use, manual or spd auto, and if manual can you list them with the full description because 2-3-4-3 or whatever means nothing to me. :)


Also when I leave stuff to Auto I notice that the OCZ tends to pick up as 2.5 CAS while when I have the Corsair in, with or without the OCZ it picks up as 3 CAS. (Whatever CAS is?)


I tried the recommended timings (at least I thought) for both sticks but I am probably doing it wrong. The bios has a LOT of options where you can control just about every aspect of the speed and voltage of everything. I dont know what to set and its very confusing. These are both brand new, one days old and its failing the LRAND test, so I am hoping and praying its a setting in the bios that magically clears it up.


If you are unfamiliar with the PT800



If you are unfamiliar with OCZ which I doubt :)


I have this stick but mine says EB not EL. I dont know if they changed their line or what.



Anyways I noticed you post a lot of ' Get latest bios, set default settings, then set these XXXXX'. If you want to provide me with that same response, only tailored to my hardware Im more than happy to try it. Again the last thing I want to have to do is send stuff back and try/wait for a replacement, especially when the mem probably isnt bad.


You guys know the answers, Im almost positive.


Thanks for providing a great place for information and service.


Please help!

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I am perfectly ok with testing ONLY corsair, and I am confident that if i get the corsair working the other will anyways, since it is the same issue for both sticks.

Please elaborate on the x-x-x-x settings, I know you have posted elaborate details regarding the bios settings for these and I would like to ensure i get the EXACT setting for each particular item.


Please give me:

Cpu voltage if needed

Agp voltage if it matters

Dram voltage if it matters

should I manually set it to DDR:400 [1:1] or let it be auto.


Manual setting

X memory setting = 2 (or whatever)

X memory setting = 3

x memory setting = 2



Also in my memory settings in my bios I have one particular setting that I dont see you guys listing and its only values are like 12T, 13T, 14T, or 15T.


I also have a setting that only allows 1T or 2T.


If could be so kind as to clear this up for me Ill try it corsair only and be one happy camper when it works!


Thanks for the quick response already, it means a lot and speaks novels about your support.



Edit: Can you also perhaps tell me that which slots I should use when I do use 2 512 sticks?


If I put them both in the green slots it picks up as single channel (64bit)

If I put one in green 1 and one in purple 1 it picks up as Dual Channel (128bit)


Are there any bonuses or downfalls to using either and which should I be shooting for with my setup for a stability/performance medium?

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If the Ram Guy can answer the big questions that would be great but to save him some time can someone else who knows explain the 2-3-3-8(example) thing. What do each of those numbers mean and are they always the same meaning in the same order?



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  • Corsair Employees

Taken from the link in my signature "What are the correct timings for My Module?"

Testing parameters for XMS3200:



CMX512-3200 Data Sheet

CMX256A-3200 Data Sheet

Motherboard make and model: Asus P4C800/-E and/or DFI INFINITY I865/I875 and/or Asus A7N8X and/or ABIT IC7 Max3.

DRAM Clock: 200 MHz

DRAM Timing (overrides SPD values): Manual

System Performance: Normal

SDRAM Bank cycle time (or tRAS): 8

SDRAM Bank Interleave: 4

SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 3

SDRAM RAS-to-CAS Delay (tRCD): 3

SDRAM CAS Latency: 3

Command Rate: 1T

All other settings are motherboard defaults.


If you want more details about the settings you can do a search at http://www.google.com or http://www.rojakpot.com for the specific setting.

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Thanks again. I had already read that and tried most of that last night, but I wanted to hear direct from you regarding the same chips since my board is MSI and there seems to be some error issues with MSI + Corsair.


Thanks for your replies and Ill try this tonight.


What about the 15T thing though?


The only settings are 12,13,14,15..which are much higher than any other numbers being used here.

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  • Corsair Employees
I would suggest testing the memory on another MB if possible, but there seems to be some who are having trouble with MB's based on this chipset. However, I would have to ask you for the exact configuration of your system and the bios settings you had set for both CPU and memory.
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I called MSI and they said that both of my chips should work fine. Im going to first try the bios flash and see how that goes, hopefully correcting the issue. I will however return here to post my specs tonight when I get home, and hopefully good news to go with it. Thanks for all your help!
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