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Bad memory -- VS512MB400


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i purchased one stick of part # VS512MB400 a few months back, and have had quite a few crashes and have determined it to be a memory problem. if i replace this stick with another one, i do not experience any crashes.


OS - W2K sp4

CPU -- AMD64 3200

MB -- MSI K8N Neo Platinum

MB BIOS REVISION -- 1.4, the latest available

MB CHIPSET -- nvidia nforce3 250gb

RAM SETTINGS -- tcl 2.5, trcd 3,trp 3,tras 8; have also tried 3,3,3,8


RAM VOLTAGE -- default


Nothing is overclocked anywhere. The only bios setting that is not a default setting is the quiet & cool setting. i have this enabled, it is disabled by default.


the blue screen errors i have received have been PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. i have downloaded memtest from memtest86.com and here are the results:


4 passes: 3122 errors

4 passes: 2804 errors


All errors occur during test #5. All errors begin to occur at the 98% mark of test #5.


please advise,


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