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Bad Ram

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Hello, I have a Value Select Ram module Vs512MB400C3 that was purchased in pairs. I have had this memory installed in my system since May 2004, it has been running fine until last week when I would crash with an error message that indicated it could not write to referenced memory. I ran a memory program and discovered that on test 5 it would fail, I ran the test many times and decided to replace the module with a new one and ran the test again with no failures in any test, I would like to send my defective module back for a replacement and discovered I am required to to have a post number in my RMA request in order to complete the form. I have the module ready to return as soon as I recieve a reply. The other Corsair memory that I purchased with the defective module was moved to the slot that the defective memory was in and works fine as of now.
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