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650D plus better 'case accessory' support on the Corsair website - suggestion


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Hi RamGuy et al.


I have a suggestion:


I spent an inordinant amount of time searching the forum trying to find replacement drive trays for my 650D Obsidian I purchased in 2013.





It turns out that the drive trays compatible with the 650D are listed as 650T drive trays.


When in actual fact they are cross-platform capable.





I just suggest that many 650D users would appreciate that although our cases are midlife and are an older case its important Corsair continues to support us.


Make sure that any parts that are usable on more than one case should be cross listed.


600T compatible with D should be on the 650D product accessory page



Now I have to say. In the next 12 months I'll probably upgrade to a Obsidian 900D - which I consider a 'dream case'. But my current 650 case I will probably use for my work-office computer for my business (!)


Please keep the product site up to date with back-support of accessories. Couldn't believe it when I saw this. Took over an hour and a half looking round.



Snapping these drive trays happens frequently it seems. I snapped the handle to one of mine doing my recent upgrade to H110i GT cooler + new white LED SP120 fans mounted to the HDD cage. I'm also replacing the stock forward with the BitFenix 200mm Spectre PRO Fan - Black to increase airflow input.







Its a little thing but us customers who buy these things often would think nothing to shelling out another £10 for something as small as a drive cage to keep the case in 'as-new' condition.


My 650D is such a good case its going to last me another 6 - 12months till I upgrade then last me 4 years as a work computer case !

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How have you fixed the fans to the HDD cages? I stood up/propped up the factory 200mm fan just behind the cages as a temporary measure.



I used black cable ties. I got some black






from a local DIY store electricals section. When you tie them in to the cage you can barely see it when you cut them.








Screws are not possible. All you need to do is ensure that the fans are flush with the cage. They're just their to help airflow and help the BitFenix 200mm Spectre PRO Fan - Black front fan by push pull.


They are to direct airflow onto the GPUs. Not cause turbulence


I just purchased a ASUS GTX 980ti Strix too.


Will then use one 660 Ti as a physx card until I get a second 980Ti.



It is a little longer and so will be closer to the fans but still should give 2 " clearance.

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