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Abit IC7-Max3 & Corsair TwinX3200XL incompatibility


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System Specs

Abit IC7-Max 3 (BIOS version 1.7)

BIOS - System defaults

1 GIG Corsair TwinX3200XL

PowerColor 9800XT Video Card

2 * 120 Seagate SATA (RAID 0)

1 * 200 Seagate EIDE

Samsung Combo Drive


When running MemTest Version 3.2, after 2 hours memtest reports 200,000+ errors and still 3 passes to go. When stick 1GIG Corsair TwinX3200Pro in this machine, memtest quite happily ticks alongs error free. And when these sticks are put into another PC (other PC has exact same specs) memtest reports errors on that machine aswell.


These "seen to be faulty" sticks have also been put in a standard ic7 mobo and reports errors, but apparantly tested OK in a Abit AS8 mobo.


Some other BIOS settings are (by default):

DRAM Timing "By SPD"

DDR SDRAM Voltage "2.6V"


Can anyone help me with this problem?

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I'm at work right now, but I have this memory running in my IC7-Max3.

Set your voltage up to 2.8, and then set your timings manually to 2326.

I think the board will actually try to run it at 2225, but it gave me errors, so I manually tried different settings. 2326 is the LLpro default.

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