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twinX 3200 c2 fails at tcas2


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I've been having trouble with my pc crashing at random recently, and have been testing my ram again with Memtest86 3.2. At tCas = 2 (bios setting, not through mt86), it creates about 200,000 errors per pass , all at about 98% of test 5. also, prime95 23.8.1 fails after about 5 minutes. with tCas set to 2.5, neither of these tests have any trouble over 8 hours. i have test the ram at 2.75v with the same results.


now the interesting part is i have already had this problem and had the ram replaced. the new pair didn't seem to have any trouble when i installed them 4 months ago, but now this. what's going on??


my system :

p4 3.0c

asus p4p800-deluxe (bios v1017)

corsair twinx1024-3200c2


I have the ram voltage at 2.65v. No overclocking. legacy usb support disabled.

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okay, here are my bios settings. I have been testing the RAM Voltage at 2.75, but it still fails.


*Jumperfree Configuration

AI OverClock Tuner = Manual

CPU External Freq = 200

DRAM Frequency = 400Mhz

AGP/PCI Freqency = Auto


CPU VCore Voltage = Auto

DDR Reference Voltage = 2.75

AGP VDDQ Voltage = 1.50


Performance = Standard


*CPU Configuration

CPUID Max Value = Disabled

HyperThreading = Disabled



Configure DRAM by SPD = Disabled

DRAM CAS# Latency = 2.0 Clocks

DRAM RAS# Precharge = 3 Clocks

DRAM RAS# to CAS# = 3 Clocks

DRAM Precharge Delay = 6 Clocks

DRAM Burst Length = 4 Clocks (8 also fails)


Memory Acceleration Mode (PAT) = Auto

DRAM Idle Timer = Auto

DRAM Refresh Rate = Auto


MEMTEST86 3.2 reports the following:

FSB = 199, PAT = Enabled, CAS 2,3,3,6 , Dual Channel Mode


Thanks : )

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Asus P4P800 Deluxe Rev 2.00 (bios v1019)

Intel Pentium 4 3.0c (northwood)

Antec TruePower 430

Asus 9600XT/TVD Rev 1.00

SB Audigy 2 ZX

Corsair TwinX 1024 3200c2 v5.1

2x WD 160mb SATA (RAID 0)

Lite-on DVD Burner SOHW832s


I also have access to 2x 512MX16 (2.5) A.Data Ram, which i might be able to use for testing? Thank You : )

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  • Corsair Employees
If you have had this same problem with three sets of modules, then I would suspect some other problem. And what do you have MAM set to in the bios? Try it set to Auto and the performance mode set to Auto and I would maybe try another PSU and or try your CPU and memory in another system to try and help isolate the problem.
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I've had it running MT86 3.2 for 8 hours with 0 errors!


While testing @ 2,3,3,6 with MAM set to auto, I noticed in MT86 that MAM was always on. By setting the bios memory settings to 2,3,3,5 with MAM Auto, it will disable MAM. This is running at 2.65V.


The Bios has no forced off setting for MAM, which seems to be the cause of my problems. Thanks again, your support has been much appreciated. Hopefull this will remain stable.

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