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MSI K8T NEO2-F RAM compatibility


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I have a MSI K8T NEO2-F motherboard. I also purchased Corsair TWINX 1024-3200PT RAM. I am unable to get past the Motherboard POST in dual memory configuration, but when using only one at a time I can at least get to the BIOS setup. I have not upgraded the BIOS yet, and I am hoping that might be the root cause of the problem. Right now I just want to make sure that this set of RAM should work with this mb. The problem is that this specific RAM part number is not listed in the compatibility guide, so that might be an issue. Just to make sure there are no questions about which specific RAM I have, below are the part numbers from the package and from both the modules:






Modules (both):





I understand that PT stands for the platinum heatsink.


So, should this RAM work in the motherboard I have, and if so, what should be the memory timing that I should use as a default?


thank you

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I beg to defer, but my specific part number is not listed, because they are not either of these:











what I am trying to say is that the modules I have are the "slowest" of this series (the twinx1024-3200). The TWINX1024-3200 is not listed as a supported module. I understand some of the acronyms used, but I do not really understand them all. I can see that the timing for the basic 1024-3200 is "slower" but still I am concerned as my specific memory modules are not listed. When Tom's Hardware ran "THG Puts 13 Bleeding-Edge Memory Modules, 14 Mobos To the Match-Up Test", the Corsair Modules chosen were the Corsair Micro CMX512-3200LL - DDR400. I understand that many people using Athlon 64+ processors are having difficulties with RAM compatibility and I want to make sure (as in positive) that these will work, or will I have to get "faster" (as in low latency - LL RAM) to assure a stable system.


thank you for the timing info though...

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That is not an issue, and these modules should not be a problem with this MB. In addition if the system will post and run normally with one module but not when in dual channel that would suggest a problem with the memory controller. Or the Bios may need to be updated if you have one of the newer 90 Nm CPU's.
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Thank you both, I just wanted to make double sure. I felf confident, but...

I am running a "Winchester" 90Nm CPU (AMD 3000+). I did not have the time to really research this computer build and am only now aware of the issues with dual channel memory with this processor. The next step is to update the BIOS and hope for the best. Thanks again for the quick response.

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