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8rda3+ and two different Corsair modules -> problems


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I have 2x256 Corsair CMX256A-3500C2 in my System. A few weeks ago I bought Corsair CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202 v4.1 1x512 MB. I own a Epox 8rda3+. I tried to achieve 200 FSB with all three modules but I don´t work without errors in memtest regardless of Timings, single/dualchannel or the dimms I place it in.

Also tried everything board related, aggressive/optimal.


Right now I use these Settings without problems:

CPU: Athlon XP Mobile (also tried normal Athlon) FSB 216x11.5 @ 11-2-2-2

Vdimm: 2.85 real V

All is prime stable


With the third 512 ram I get errors @ 200 FSB with relaxed timings. Aren´t these rams compatible? It doesn´t work with one 256 and the new 512 module either. The 512 ram alone generates no errors so it isn´t faulty.


I am disappointed I got these problem with Corsair, spent about 280 € and now it isn´t working!


Any suggestions? By the way is there a german support forum?

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Yes, every module themselve works fine! I thought better stick with another corsair again instead of using another brand. And now I have to sell all three modules in order to get 1 gig working ram. Really nice :(


Is there a possibility another corsair ram will surely work with my two 256 and my 8rda3+ ?

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I´m an experienced pc user so singlechannel won´t be an option. Right now I got it working @ 200 FSB 11-3-3-2


That´s way less than before. So I will resell it and never buy expensive ram again. I´ll advice others to buy MDT ram or something equal cheaper. But anyway thanks for your replys!

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The difference between 216 aggressive and 200 relaxed timings aren´t that much, but not acceptable for overclocking. lost about 4 fps in aquamark3 tests and in cs source my fps drop a bit more. This doesn´t anger me but the fact I paid so much money for it. And another mainboard isn´t an option right now!


But thx again for your reply, good to see people care about problems here!

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