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I am new to this but any way my problem is that i just bought the value select memory kit pc3200 vs1gbkit400. and i already have ram from A-DATA in my computer which is pc 3200 DDR 400. I have two sticks of 512 so they are dual channel i have an Asus A8V motherbord and i tired simply installing my 2 new sticks from the kit into the extra slots assuming it would work and my computer would pick it up. Which it didn't i browesed the forums a little and tired setting the timings manually whit 2.5-3-3-8 and uping the voltage to 2.8 The only way i can get it to work is either by only having the corsair memory in or only having the A-data memory in. With both in the system only picks up 1024 mb either the corsair or the a-data memory. My question is can i use these 2 together or will i have to pick one brand and have all my memory the same.

p.s the a-data memory has a cas 2.5 setting just like the corsair.


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