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K95 RGB Macro input speed much slower than it should be


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Hello, after updating the frimware and cue on my K95 RGB i have notice that many of my marcos slowed down significantly, so i did a little test


i made a marco:

press x

wait 1 millisecond

release x

and set it to repeat while pressed with a repeat rate of 1ms

and then used record macro to measure how fast the keyboard is actually sending the keystrokes

and here's my results


the delay between press and release is 10 times higher than it should be and the repeat rate is 50 times higher

i also tested it on logitech's profile tester, which also records keystrokes


i have tried reinstalling CUE, using the keyboard on different computers and closing all the background programs that i could and nothing made a difference


i know a couple of millisecond doesn't seem like alot but i use some very time sensitive macros and this unfortunately renders them unusable


i would also assume this is a software/firmware problem since it has only started happening after i updated them and my keyboard is working fine otherwise


any help regarding this would be appreciated, thank you.

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Are you using Windows 7 possibly? I believe James mentioned they have identified some kind of issue with macro delays and are working on fixing it. I "think" he mentioned Windows 7, but I'm not completely sure.


Not jsut window 7 its an CUE issues. It should be fixed in the next patch.

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