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Important Info for all Abit AV8 users


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Its been a open secret that the Abit AV8 board is "picky" when it comes to memory.

Since BIOS Version 1.6 Abit is adressing these issues.

The newest BIOS for the Mainboard is the Version 1.7

I today flashed my BIOS to Version 1.7 and voila!

The Infineon Sticks that refused to work in Dualchannel mode now work stable and fast even though they arent even dual channel compatible!


In case you have memory compatibltiy problems, flash your BIOS to version 1.7!




It fixed it for me for the infineons and I highly doubt that the Corsair ValueSeries 1GB DDR400 C3 Kit I will be getting next week wont work either! :)

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