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Asus M5AD2 and corsair 5400


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I have a the following issue.


1/ when I boot, the systems says that I have 4300 Dimms...,

2/ when I use CPU-Z, and check the "SPD" it says: 4-5-5-15 and 5300 / "333mhz"...? - however the part name is indeed what it should be 5400C4 etc.


I then went into the BIOS, pushed the voltage to 1.9 (and also above, o 2, 2.1), set-up the latency to 4-4-4-12 manually and also the DRAM frequescny at 533 Mhz this resulted in:


1/ at boot the sytems nosw saying I had 5300 dimms

2/ that is when it would boot at all, and not tell me that overclocking had worked which happens from time to time

3/ under CPU-Z, SPD is still the same, still saying it's 5300/333Mhs dimm


Any clue?



Asus P5AD2 Premium Systemboard

1008 BIOS version (ie latest)

Intel P4 3.6Ghz LGA775

6600 GT Pci-Express video card

Corsair 5400 DDR2 XMS2 memory(CM2X512-5400C4)

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The PC5400 modules actually are 333Mhz modules! Since they are double-data-rate, you double the BUS speed to get 666MHz. They're labeled as DDR675/5400 because Corsair takes them a little further and tests/gaurantees them to run at DDR675.


On your OC, how are you getting it there? Perhaps your CPU doesn't like it, rather than it being a memory error? Check out the Ai overclocking menu in the BIOS, I believe a mere 5% overclock will allow you to use DDR675 or close to it!


How are your voltages? Temperatures?




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