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Possible Faulty VS512MB400 module

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I believe I have a bad stick of Value Select RAM. VS512MB400 was one of a matched pair that I purchased from ZipZoomFly. They only offer a 15 day warranty period. This was purchased over two months ago.


The symptoms were as follows: I could boot and run one or two apps with the two sticks of ram installed. When I started a memory intensive program or game, my PC would lock up completely with very loud high pitched noise emmiting from the speakers. The only way to reboot was to hold the pwr button or unplug the PC. I do not over clock or run other than default BIOS settings.


The PC is a Giga-byte GA-K8NS Pro running the latest (F8) BIOS in a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case with 400 Watt PS. AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Processor with the AMD approved Heatsink and Fan, 2 VS512MB400 Corsair ValueSelect DIMMs, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 meg, SB Audigy2 ZS (onboard AC`97 disabled), 1 CDRW (TDK 40x24x40) and one HD, Maxtor 80 gig. Running Windows XP Pro with SP2, Norton AV and MS Office 2003.


I've isolated the issue to one RAM chip by insuring I had the latest BIOS with all settings on Normal with zero overclocking (I don't do this... I buy a faster chip if I want more speed). I updated all the motherboard, video and sound drivers. Each time I started Call of Duty - UO or Photoshop 7, the PC would exhibit the above symptom. So, I shut down and removed both sticks of RAM then placed them in memory slot 1 (of 3) and tried again. One stick ran fine with no issues, the other inserted alone exhibited the above symptoms. I tried setting the BIOS to slower memory timings but the issues still were there.


The HD is in a removable tray. I have two other operating systems on two other drives. Windows XP Pro 64bit Edition and Fedora core 2 64 bit. Neither of these OS'es will boot with the possibly bad RAM stick installed. Only the 32 bit WinXP Pro will boot.


What steps can I do to assist in determining if this DIMM should be an RMA candidate and getting it replaced? Does Corsair cross-ship if I provide a valid credit card?


Thank you for your assistance!



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