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H110i GT in front of Fractal Design R5


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Is it possible to mount the radiator for the H110i GT at the front of an R5, below the optical bays? i.e. is the tubing long enough & screw positions ok? To do that one would need to strip out the HDD bays, but according to a fractal video it is possible to install some of these further back at the bottom.


I notice, according to some threads here, that some people have successfully installed the radiator at the top of the case, but it looks very cramped there and surely it would necessitate leaving all the vents on the top of the case uncovered, which would surely defeat the object of the sound isolation and likely encourage people to pour their coffee into the machine...


Also someone mentioned that the two stealth bays on the R5 might not fit Samsung pro ssds, I have a 512. Has anyone else had that problem? These would be useful if losing some HDD bays.


This could be a neat build I think if I can tie down these problems.

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it actually fits in front of the case with the optical bay installed. i wanted to mount the h115i in the front of the case but the screws holes dont line up correctly. i didnt think to try top screws and bottom screws only. will there be any vibration noise since the middle of the rad is not secured ?
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