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Problems: AMD K8V SE with C512XMSLP - XMS DDR400 Extra Low Latency DDR with LED


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Problems are mostly sudden reboots, alot of blue screens, sudden closure of games etc.


Basicly im running a clean win2k & winXp with just the drivers and directx updates etc needed to run games. Now i've been in particular playing Need For speed U2 (awesome game by the way, Tx again EA)


I have tried different bios versions, apart from the beta's and the latest bios my asus updater found the other day seemed to make things only worse. I believe it was 1004.05 release. Not sure... anyways i flashed it back to Official release 1003 in hope it would solve my problems.

It SiSoft tells me that the mobo detect the mem speeds fine 2-2-2-5 as spec'd with the different bioses...


I dont know what to do anymore really, it seems that my old CL2.5 512mb seems to keep it more stable but it still crashes. Which is obviously cos windows was a little messed up with the bios/memory stuff.


I think my bios should be updated to whatever you can advise me to run stable again. Then reinstall windows again...

But first of all, is this memory supported by my mobo? What is recommended as the best i can get for this board, I need some expert advice please =)

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Please list the exact part number on the modules. There is a sticker on each with the part number and revision number on it. Also, please list all of your bios settings as relating to RAM, CPU, and voltages. I would also suggest that you flash back to the most recent bios.


The first 2 things I would suggest are raising the RAM voltage. You can safely go up to, but not over, 2.9v. If this does not help, the 2nd thing is to raise the RAS to CAS Delay (aka TRCD I think on some boards) to 3 instead of 2. Some chipsets and MOBOs cannot handle 3.


Let us know if this helps.



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Actually, I need the printed information from each sticker that is attached to the heatspreaders on the RAM, both sticks. Also, did you buy them as a matched TwinX pair? And, have you tried what I posted above regarding the RAM voltage and the RAS to CAS timing?


I also need the settings you have set in your bios. You will need to look in your bios as Sandra may not have all of this information.



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Everything is on auto atm, except for the fixed DDR400 speed setting.

I Updated my bios to 1004.006 and ill take out the ram now to see the numbers. I moved the memory to slot 3 and now uses bank 4-5 with a timing of 2.5-2-2-2 instead of 2-2-2-2 on slot 1


The memory info is CMX512-3200XLPRO / XMS 3208 v1.1

XMS 3200 512mb 400Mhz 2225

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With this MB I would suggest you set the Rass to Cass to "3" so I would set these timings and then set the Dim Voltage to +2.8 Volts, with the modules in slots 2-3:

CAS Latency CL=2.0

Row Cycle Time tRC Bios Default

Row Refresh Cyc Time tRFC Bios Default

Ras# to CAS# delay tRCD 3

Row to Row delay Bios Default

Min Ras# Active Time tRAS 11

Row Precharge Time tRP 2

Write Recovery Time Bios Default

Write to Read delay Bios Default

Read to Write Delay Bios Default

Refresh Period tREF Bios Default

Enable 2T Timing Disabled

Then test the system with http://www.memtest.org and make sure it's stable! If you have problems, I would set Enable 2T Timings to AUTO and test it again!

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