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512 PC3200 Dual channel.


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Ok ive read quite a few posts regarding the P4R800-VM mobo (my mobo) and 2 sticks of 512DDR PC3200 problems. I know its my fault for not looking through the manual properly but I think ASUS failed to mention this information on the box it came in, all I saw was *DDR400 DUAL Channel Mode*. If they are going to make a board that supports PC3200 you'd think they would make it support 512 sticks aseen as it states the mobo can support upto 4 gig of ram. Anyway enough of my moaning just ignore that bit :P I want to know are there any motherboards on the market right now that support a P4 3.2 HT Prescott and 512 DDR PC3200 sticks in dual channel mode? Everytime I read a motherboard review or check the specs I dont get the information I need about dual channel mode just the fact it can do it.
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