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GA K8NSNXP-939 and Corsair Twinx 1GB 4400C25


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I just installed the Corsair memory in my PC, relying on Corsair's reputation that I would be able to run the memory in dual channel at 200MHZ without problems and maybe rise the FSB a bit with the memory 1:1.


But, at default (BIOS F6) I got a nice "stable" system until it ended in a hard reset. :(


Next I played a bit with the settings and now it seems "stable" with DRAM voltage +.2V.


I would like to ask the hardcore gurus for suggestions about the setting to use for normal 200MHz use and maybe also those for overclocked 250MHz use (I am getting a .9 micron 3500 shortly). (Ok, I understand this memory is rated at 275MHz, but I cannot hope the A64 will like such high frequencies).


BTW CPU, NB & GPU are all liquid cooled.

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Try the F7 Bios. I'm currently running 1024 TWINX-4400c25 in Dual Channel (slots 1&2) @ 280mhz 1:1 HTTx3 Cas 2.5-4-4-8 1T 2.8v Vdimm (+.2). The only Bios's I could get good stable overclocks with was the F4k beta and the F7. There is a brand new F8 bios posted but I haven't tried it yet.


You might want to set the Cas to 2.5. With the Athlon 64's built in memory controller the Cas isn't as important for performance as it was with older motherboards but it does affect stability. What is important is the Command Rate 1T or 2T, which is set in the bios with the "Enable/Disable/Auto" Enable 2T Timing. You want it at "Disable". I've also got some TWINX-3200XLPT, the Cas 2-2-2-5 stuff and with both sets of memory there's little difference in benchmarks or real world performance between Cas 2, 2.5 or even 3 but performance plumits at 2T. In my Nforce 2 ultra boards (Abit NF7-S rev2) Cas timing makes a huge difference, not so in the Nforce 3.

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