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Bad Ram?


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So my PC has been acting very odd lately. I kept getting BSODs saying: Driver_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. After much help from a friend who used UltraVNC to check out a full memory dump on my computer, he said that it was most likely hardware related. I then decided to run a memtest86+ on my RAM (Corsair 3200C2PRO 512x2 on and AMD 64 Platform at 2.5,3,3,5 latency) and behold quite a few problems were found. Having two sticks I then decided to test each module seperately. Oddly enough both passed seperately. I then proceeded to put them both back in and no errors were found.


-EDIT- Also realizing this was happening a lot after shutting down games which seemed odd I ran mbm5 while playing UT2k4 with only one stick and no voltages seemed out of the ordinary. Have yet to try out the other

-EDIT2- Also I ran prime95 torture test for 8 hours with nothing found. Ugh

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