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Bad Ram (Expired Warranty with retalier)


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it all started when my PC keeps restarting randomly (during games, window application and even when its idle) by the way i have 2 pcs. of Corsair XMS ddr400 platinum (CMX256A-3200C2PT)


So i started isolating it, first i reformated my PC and during installation i keep getting errors, and then i thought it could be a memory module problem so i used memtest to find out if that was the case, and i found out that one of the module is culprit that causes all the errors, cause memtest reported Bad Ram with 900++ errors during pass 1 with one of the module :sigh!:


And i bought the pair on Aug 17 03 and my warranty expired from the retailer on Aug 17 04, so now i'm hoping you guys can help me out.

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this is my full setup


Athlon 2100+ tbred B (@ 2.0 Ghz 166 x 12 @ default vcore but USDM reports 1.45V)

Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12

EPOX 8RDA+ Rev 1.1

Corsair 2x256 mb ddr400 platinum series (@333 7-3-3 cas 2 @ default vdimm volt but USDM reports 2.72V)

30 gb Maxtor Fireball 3 5400 rpm

20 gb seagate u series

Sapphire Radeon 9800 pro

Lite on DVD drive

HEC 475 watts

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just got the result, using the bios settings that you gave me i still got 10,490 errors.


report summary:


test 1: 1,001 errors

test 2: 25 errors

test 3: 2,597 errors

test 4: 6,862 errors


also memtest reports badram=0x080019c8, 0x80019c8

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i only tested the module in my rig, all my friends rig only supports ddr266 modules.


these is the bios settings i used:


cpu: 13 x 133

memory: 400 mhz @ 2.5 3-3-7 @ 2.7V


i only used the settings you gave, anyways the other module still tested ok, but the other one always have errors.

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still no go, i used the timings you gave and set it @ 333mhz, i even tested 266mhz and 400mhz one module at a time, but still no go with the bad stick, i didnt bother writing down the errors cause it'll only make me go berserk :mad:
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umm... ram guy i would just like to clarify, RMA Dept. Customer Service emailed me the RMA Number but it stated the wrong part number, the email states Part Number: CMX256A-2700LL but i the part number i submitted was XMS3202v1.2 0315085 which is a XMS DDR400 platinum series i'm just a little worried cause it might cause confusion, and i might end up with a wrong replacement module, thanks.
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