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gigabyte k8vnxp+ twinx 1024 3200 xl pro help


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i have a gigabyte k8vnxp bios F10 and twinx 1024 3200 xl pro modules.

with my previous power unit ( enermax 550 W) with the default overvoltage setting with memtest test 5 some error appears. With dim overvoltage set to +0.1v all tests was correct.

now i have installed a new power unit ( coolergiant 600 watts by enermax) and with default overvoltage ( set to auto) no errors appears with mem test.

All clock settings in spd are by default ( 2-2-2-5) and systems seems stable.

my question:


is suitable to set again an overvoltage for these dimms with my new power unit or i must leave it to auto preventing damages ?



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