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Bad stick

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Last week, I booted and my computer and it failed to post. After testing other possible culprits, I worked my way to the RAM. After pulling all of it out, I put it back in one at a time. After replacing the first DIM into slot 1, the system booted. I then replaced the second DIM into slot 2, and the system still booted. I then replaced the third DIM into slot 3, and no post. So I used the working DIM from slot 1 and tried it in slot 3 (no other DIMs present), it posted. Pulled all DIMS out and put the suspect third DIM into working slot 1 alone. No post.


So, I conclude that all slots okay and DIM 3 is toast.


All three DIMs are Corsair XMS 2700 Low Latency RAM. Two 256MB, and one 512MB for a total of 1GB.


Any other possible conclusions?

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