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Problems with my HydroCool 200


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I have a HydroCool 200 which is malfunctioning. It will work fine for a little bit then it will start acting up. The display will either go away completly, or it will scroll "8" across the display, or it will just start flashing.


I have check the tank and it is full of fluid.


What is wrong with it?

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Bio-Hazard is correct. If the PSU power line has two or more connectors powering devices besides the HC, the HC will not have enough amps to run with.




If the HC is running on a single line all by itself, but the PSU is not at least 400W or better, then the PSU isn't strong enough for your computer system.


The PSU in your computer should be rated to power all of the devices and the HC. If not, then it's underpowered for the job. You will need to upgrade it.



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