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Issue with my scroll wheel in M90


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I've had my Corsair M90 for maybe a year or so, and halfway in I started getting this issue with my scroll wheel.


Scrolling down works just fine most of the time, but whenever I try to scroll up it's like the scrolling suddenly works very erratically, scrolling down as if it is trying to fight against me scrolling up. The scroll wheel is extremely sensitive to this, even when I try to middle click this will happen.


This is obviously very inconvenient for web browsing and gaming, I pretty much have to totally unbind the scroll wheel to not have issues with it.


I understand I can probably RMA this, but I live in Australia and the shipping costs could end up being a good chunk of what I actually paid for the mouse and it would just be better to get a new one.


It seems this is a common problem, but does anyone have their own DIY solution for this that I can do at home to stop the scroll wheel erraticness?

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