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Bad Memory. Please help.


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I wish you could give me advice to fix this problem, but I am afraid both my memory modules (CMX512-3200LLPT) are beyond help. I bought them at newegg on 10/22/03, and they used to work fine. Recently, I noticed I've been only having 512 MB of RAM which is only 1 of the 2 modules. I tried to turn on my computer today, and it would not boot up anymore. It's hard to determine for sure that the RAM is the problem, because it wouldn't even go into BIOS anymore, but the computer would react exactly the same if I didn't have any RAM installed, so I suspect that the other one died as well.

Here's my system info


mb: MSI 865PE Neo2

CPU: P4 2.4GHz

RAM: CMX512-3200LPT x 2

video: Radeon 9800Pro


Can I get a RMA, so I can send these back?

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Try one stick at a time in the first slot, see what happens.

Tried this. Didn't work. Nothing comes up.


If no boot at all with either stick, try the same thing in another slot.

Tried this also. Nothing.


If no go gain, try them in another system, or other ram in this system.

I will try this today.

Thanks for your help.

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