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I would like to know if there are any compatibility issues with the following setup -


Tyan Dual Socket K8W thunder motherboard

2 x 2.0ghz Opteron 248

Raptor Hard Drive


2 x Corsair 1gb (2x512 twin matched memory pair) of XMS 400mhz 3200 reg eec memory (CMX512RE-3200LL)


I have 1 gig in a dual channel config per processor.


I have installed windows ok - but nothing is running right - blue screens - system gives errors when trying to write or run applications.cannot install service pack 2 due to this always says files are corrupted and then blue screens.


when i looked under the bios log - it gives memory issues listed -


Is it the memory? or more likly the motherboard?


Il be testing it tommorow with different RAM -


Any Ideas ?????????

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