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Buy new kit or upgrade with almost similar?


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When i bought my computer i got this memory. The current price of 138.85 euros is almost double then what i paid for it (76.50 euro's). I would like to upgrade to 16GB of RAM but i don't want to pay 140 euro's for 8GB.


So my question is as follows:


What is my best option: Buy new 16GB RAM kit for the same price? Or match it with almost similar RAM ?


My MoBo is: P8Z68V_PRO


Need any additional information? Reply and i will answer as fast as possible :biggrin:

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there is no ram specifically compatible as it is sold in sets for compatibility reasons.

if you can find another CMX8GX3M2A2000C9 the same version as printed on the label you stand the best chance of compatibility although there are no guarantees because combining ram is not supported. It is highly recommended to install a single kit of the capacity you want.

i do wish you luck though!!

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