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Need to match a couple sticks of XMS


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I've been running this P4 machine for a couple years now and I need to get another 512mb for it, but I can't find an exact match and was wondering if someone here could help.


I'm running an Asus P4P800 Deluxe with two 256mb sticks in it right now. Here are all of the numbers on the sticker of one of the sticks:





XMS3200 400mhz 2226-T1


That's everything on the hologram sticker.


I know it's PC3200 and it's the Low Latency stuff, but still not sure exactly which ones I need at this point. There are so many variations...


I have four slots and want to add two more 256mb sticks. If anyone could tell me exactly what I need it'd be much appreciated.


Edit: Oh, I am running them in dual channel mode and would like to continue doing so. I assume putting in two more sticks of the exact same kind into the other two slots will keep it dual channel.

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