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Bad Module in Twin Pack


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I recently purchased a 1 gig twin pack (2 x 512) of Corsair Value Select memory. Memory was installed in an ECS 848P-A motherboard.

Part #:VS1GBKIT400

Serial #: 0BZSBK0400005HZ


After experiencing system instability, I ran Memtest. (Motherboard set at Fail-Safe settings. Stock memory timings). Memtest reported numerous errors immediately, so I removed one module and tested them individually. One module generates thousands of errors, while the other one tests fine with 0 errors.

I also swapped in memory from another system (Kingston 2x 512) and it tested fine (0 errors)as well.


Please e-mail RMA # . Should I return both modules (since they were in a twin pack). Matched pairs?

Also do you offer advance replacement, as I cannot be with out the machine for long.


Thanks in advance.



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Sorry, but at this time they do not offer advanced replacement. It is recommended that both be replaced to ensure that they are matched, although you do not have to replace both if you do not wish, just keep in mind that they will no longer be TwinX memory.
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