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I think I may have defective RAM...


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P4P800 deluxe, latest bios updates, performance modes disabled

200mhz x 13 for 2.6ghz p4

1GB - XMS3200C2 @ 400mhz (twinx 512mb sticks)


In the past two weeks my system has been freezing (hard lock-ups) multiple times per day. I thought maybe it was the power supply (a generic 350w). A friend suggested I try running memtest86 (http://www.memtest86.com) before spending money on a new power supply. The program was unable to finish because it locked up every time, with multiple errors detected. Today he brought his ram over to test, and it passed memtest86 (running for over 3 hours) with no errors.


Any suggestions? Or does it sound like my memory is the issue?

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