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Asus K8N-E and CMX3200C2, no workwith 2 sticks


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:mad: Hey all,


I just upgraded last night from a Asus A7N8X-E NF2 to a Asus K8N-E motherboard and everything went smooth except for my RAM install. I have 2 sticks of Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (512MB) and the computer will not boot with both sticks of RAM installed. One stick is fine but both nope. I know the RAM is fins as it was working perfectly last night and I tested it before I installed it in my new system. Anyone else have this issue?


edit: I found outthat one stick is version 1.1 and the other is v 4.2. Both sticks have the same markings other than the version number.


here is my system hardware


A64 3200+

K8N-E deluxe

2x 512MB CMX512 -3200C2 Corsair RAM

Enermax 430W PS


help.. I just want my Gig of RAM back.


Also who would I contact to swap out the RAM? where I purchased it from or direct from Corsair?

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Well I have good news I think. I returned the RAM to the vendor I got it from, spent a little more money and picked up a TwinX kit. Right now I am too tired to install the RAM, but will do tomorrow morning. Matched set of CMX512-3200XL v.1.2. I hope any issues with my Asus K8N-E will be gone with this.
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The voltage is running at 2.5, is this ok? Should I be running the RAM at 2.7? Everything is super stable, but I am wondering about the life of the RAM. Stupid question I know since it is running perfectly fine. Also can this RAM run at T1 rate? I have not been able to find any info about this. Thnaks.

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