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Bad CM64SD512-2100 in Asus A7V266-E


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Seventeen months ago purchased one stick of CM64SD512-2100 at the same time for an Asus MainBoard A7V266-E. Have never overclocked this machine with its BIOS settings managing memory by SPD nor has the stick ever been removed from the board; it has run flawlessly until ten days ago was having problems downloading a large file getting message from downloader, 'file has read/written many times check defrag and scandisk'. After hard drive passed these tests, downloader help pointed at checking ram.


Entered BIOS and disabled Quick POST. The booted machine passed the lengthy POST, made it through PNP initialize cards, on-guard virus, and detecting the drives; then, got a 'memory test fail' push f1 to continue/del for setup--I continued into windows.


Went to http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp#top for a copy of windows memory diagnostic which came up with errors in five of six tests (cache on MATS failed, INVC pass, LRAND failed, Stride 6 failed, WMATS failed, WINVC failed). Not satisfied went to http://www.memtest86.com/ for 3.2 release and ran that which came up with errors in six out of seven tests (failed test one, passed test two, and failed tests three through seven). For a triple test popped in version 3.5 PC-Check which passed eight of eight basic tests and passed nine of ten extended tests (failed Adv Address Line Test).


Removed, cleaned, and reseated the stick in its same slot tested getting same results above leaving me with no choice but to purchase an additional identical stick for diagnostics. The new stick of CM64SD512-2100 passed all the above one-hundred percent and even all extended tests available in those tests using same BIOS settings and memory slot of the original. Returned to downloading the large file with no error messages which installed and played fine.

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