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Asus P4P800 Deluxe & 2 Sticks of CMX512-3200C2


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I've got an Asus P4P800 Deluxe & 2 Sticks of CMX512-3200C2.. so what I hear you say.


Well I'm running a P4 2.53 (533FSB), but with these 2 sticks installed (in Single channel mode) I can only get the sticks to ran as 1Gb of DDR266; that's slow as for DDR400 XMS memory.


Here's the thing I brought the memory at different times 2 months apart and they are different revisions 1.1 & 3.1 - Why the reseller held stock of rev 1.1 stuff god only knows, but they assured me the two sticks would work in both single and Dual channel at DDR333 or DDR400 if I upgraded the CPU to a 800FSB model.


But DDR266 speed, is a bit piss poor... you should see what the resellers charge for Corsair Memory down here in New Zealand, and that's after you wait 3 weeks to come into the country because they never carry any stock.


I hope you can provided some advice?




Hamish Richardson.

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Try manually setting the RAM frequency in the bios if it will allow any higher settings. It's been so long since I ran a 533mhz CPU in a 800mhz MOBO I can't remember what the options are. It's in the Jumper Free section under ADVANCED.


Also, your retailer gave you some BAD advice. In "some" cases mixed revisions of RAM will work and in others it won't. However, if you contact support for either Corsair or ASUS they will both tell you that this is not recommended. I would ask that retailer to do something to insure that you have 2 sticks of RAM of the same revision.


FYI, the reason your RAM is at DDR 266 is because the bios detects a 533mhz CPU. Once you go to an 800 FSB CPU the bios will attempt to run it at a higher speed. However, that is when you will likely see the instability from the mixed revisions.


Good luck, Mike.

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Thanks Mike,


I thought a 533Mhz CPU supported DDR333?


I managed to boot up with one stick at 333 and then I changed the memory settings manually, both in the the Jumper Free section under ADVANCED and in the Chipset settings and hey presto, I've now got the two sticks setup as Dual Channel at 333Mhz with 2-3-3-6 settings... Mind you I think the Mo/Bo bios flash helped there... Seems to be stable...


I hear what your saying about going to a 800FSB CPU, I think will most likely show up the short commings of the revision differences between these two sticks.


Thanks indeed for your advice, Cheers mate.



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I would not suggest using different modules or 2 modules that are a different revision in this MB, but you can as mike suggested try setting the memory Frequency and timings manually to run at DDR333 at Cass 2.5-3-3-7 at 2.75 Volts.
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