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failing sodimm

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I have a pair of Corsair value select SOdimm running in a Dell inspiron 600m.


Over the last month or so, some failing symptom start to appear. The sticker has vs512sds266 lot 0406005


First there was bios displaying messages that system memory size has changed and it wuold recognize only one dimm. On the next power-on, it may or may not recognize both dimm. After boot-up, I could continue working for days.


Yesterday, the system hung while I was working. Afterward the boot-up behavior is much serious. When I tried power on, the system alternates in one of the 2 following behaviors

1. initial power led flashes, then some activity led flashes but dies before OEM logo comes up in POST

2. POST succeeds, and windows xp boot up with log on screen, half way into entering passwd, the system hung.


I went thru some exercise with Dell support yester, I replaced the two corsair with orignial SODIMM that came from Dell, it works with those DIMM without problem.


Today I switche to using one of corsair Dimm, I can POST, boot up and log-in but after a couple of hours, the system hung and go back to symptom 2 above.


Between the two corsair dimm, one of them seems to fail more easily than the other.



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