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Bad RAM Module


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Hi, I've got a stick of Corsair Value Select RAM, a PC2700 512mb Notebook module.


I've had it for a couple months, purchased from Newegg and it has been working fine in my notebook, with no changes in the interrupts, etc. However, about a week ago, I started having problems with the system, it would freeze up as in the pictures linked below:


Picture 1

Picture 2


Now, after extensive runs of memtest with each of my modules in the machine and switching slots, reseating, etc, I determined that this module when alone or combined in any of the memory slots, was the cause of the freezing shown above.


How soon can I get a POSTID number or whatever I need for an RMA request? Please let me know, thanks.

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Just a little more information:


Model VS512SDS333

Lot #0432078-1

512mb DIMM pc-2700 notebook value-select RAM


Problem: RAM freezes up the notebook no matter which module it's placed in. Not a windows issue, froze in DOS and in Memtest as well.


I submitted an RMA request friday night and haven't heard back yet, what's the estimated time I should hear from you guys?

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