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Issue with Tyan K8W mobo: only 3.17GB detected out of 4GB of XMS PC-3200 (TwinX Pack)


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I just bought a new system from NewEgg.

Here is what I got:


- a TYAN K8W S2885ANRF motherboard (for dual processor)

- two AMD Opteron 250 CPUs

- two TwinX Packs - Corsair XMS PC-3200 2GB ECC/R (4 modules for a total of 4GB - 2GB per processor).


I followed the directions given by the mainboard user's guide:

- 1 pair of memory modules on the CPU0 slot (CPU0 DIMMA1 & CPU0 SIMMA2)

- 1 pair of memory modules on the CPU1 slot (CPU1 DIMMA1 & CPU1 SIMMA2)


When I boot the system (Windows XP) and look into Control Panel/System/General, it shows only 3.17 GB of memory instead of 4 GB.

Then, after removing the memory module from the CPU1 DIMMA2 slot, it shows 3 GB which is normal.


Does it mean the memory module I removed is damaged? Or did I miss something?


If the module is damaged, should I request a RMA for just one module or for the entire pair?


Thank you!

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