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Corsair PC2400 DDR 333mhz 256


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Maybe you could help me.

I have a Soyo P4S645D Dragon Lite motherboard

Intel P4 2.0 CPU (currently clocked at 2.4 and has been since the day purchased)

512m PC2400 Corsair DDR memory 333mhz with heat sinks (2 sticks)

Ati Radeon 9200se

I have had my pc for a couple of years. It still runs perfect but It's getting real close to the time of getting a new one. This PC will go to my daughters. Is there memory that would be compatible with the PC2400, or where could I get 1 more stick? Or would I just be better off purchasing new PC2700 memory. I've mixed 1 stick of PC2700 with the PC2400 and it runs fine yet I do experience slight stability issues when running certain high graphics/memory online gaming. I've never had a problem with it and it still moves along quite fine but being that PC2400 is so obsolete does anyone still sell PC2400. Most people have never even heard of it. Thank You for any help.

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Welcome to the forums, MK2KM!


The only thing you could buy new is probably PC2700 modules, but you can always check around at computer upgrade stores, mom-n-pop computer stores, etc, to see if they have any leftovers of 2400.


I doubt any chain stores (CompUSA, etc) would still carry them.


So... if you need memory, get PC2700. If you don't, then look around, you might get lucky anyways.




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