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ok here goes - i currently own a MSI K7N2G-ILSR Motherboard (yes, i realize these are rare to find and aren't in production anymore) it handles a cpu fsb of 333 max.. some may complain but i run a 2700 tbred, so no worries. with an addon video card, the system will function w/ ram of 400 - w/o addon card, it caps it down to 333. now here's my puzzle. i currently run patriot ddr400 dual channel kit 1gb (2x512) and frankly it's unstable when i attempt to overclock it by more than 2-5mhz .. i definitely got what i paid for if you get my drift. anyhow, they run successfully at 400mhz though. what i'm looking for is simple. a ddr dual channel kit that runs at no less than 400mhz and possibly 434 or 467 to where i can overclock a touch w/o killing my ram. however here's the stipulation.. i want 2gb (2x1gb) and to make matters worse, if possible a set that comes w/ the led's on them.. granted they're not neccessary.. just something to play with.. and i admit, they'd go well in my case considering the uv reactive cables, sound sensitive uv black lights, and other lighting i have going on in my case. there's one final stipulation on selecting ram for my use.... i'm looking at upgrading to a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum and a AMD64 3800 and i want the ram (2gb dual channel kit from corsair) to be able to swap into the new board and run fine.... any suggestions as to which ram to use? (model number if you have it would be incredibly helpful). anyways, plz help. :(:
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TwinX2048-3200PRO is a matched pair of 1024Mb modules with the PRO heat spreaders and LEDs that will definately run DDR400.


As far as overclocking, don't bet on getting a whole lot out of them, but a few MHz wouldn't hurt!


Now, overclocking on your current setup is a TOTALLY different story. Running a 333FSB and DDR400 alone is tricky and sometimes unstable... running a 333FSB and overclocked (past DDR400) memory is like running naked backwards through a corn field... you're going to get hurt!


Ok, bad analogy, but what you're trying to do on your old system is not very easy to do and rarely stays stable, even with very fast (I.E. DDR500) memory modules... it's the chipset, not the memory that's probably making it crash.




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