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I am a new to overclocking and I need some help.


My equipment is:


- A7N8X -E Deluxe MB

- 3200+ XP athlon

- Leadtek A400 128MB Geforce 6800

- Corsair TwinX 3200XL (latency 2-2-2-5)

- 400watt power supply

- 2 side fans back of case

- Heatsink w cooler


I have tried overclocking before but I ran into a few problems but im not going to give up.


My system has been running stable for a few weeks and im willing to try new things.


I know there are two types of overclocking

1. CPU

2. RAM


How do you do both and what are the differences?


**My settings in BIOS under ACF**


CPU Ext Freq = 200

CPU Freq Mult Settings = Auto

CPU Freq multiple = 11.0x

Sys Performance = User Defined

CPU interface = optimal

Mem Freq = 100%

Resulting Freq = 200

Mem timings = User Defined

SDRAM active to precharge delay = 5

SDRAM RAS to CAS delay = 2

SDRAM RAS to precharge delay = 2

SDRAM CAS latency = 2

FSB Spread = Disabled

AGP Spread = Disabled

CPU VCORE setting = Auto

CPU VCORE = 1.85

Graphics Aperture Size = 128

AGP Freq = Auto

Sys Bios Cach = disabled

Vid Ram Cach = diabled

DDR Ref Volt = 2.8

AGP 8x = Enabled

AGP Fast write = enabled


Any ideas what i should adjust first for optimum stability/performance also how far can I really overclock with this MB?


Your help is appreciated.


Newbie Overclocker

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