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I was just curious about how to identify the number of banks on corsair memory modules, particularly the CM74SD1024R. The motherboard I am putting these in (Supermicro X6DAL-G) will support 6 pieces of single bank, but only 4 pieces of double bank modules, and of course I would like to put in 6. I was given some info on how to ID the number of bamks from the part numbers of other types of ram, but it didn't include corsair. Any help would be great. Thanks, Gregg
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Welcome to the forums, protogregg!


I don't believe building single-sided 1024Mb modules is yet fiscally feasable for any company due to the cost of high-density IC's. It's comming soon, but not yet.


Therefore, almost (unless you pay much more than I'd be willing) any 1024Mb module will be double-sided.




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this is part of the email supermicro sent me relating to this:




MT46V32M8TG-6 - x8

MT46V64M4TG-6 - x4




HYB25D256800BT6 - x8

HYB25D256400BT6 - x4




EDD2508AKTA-6 - x8

EDD2504AKTA-6 - x4




W942508CH-6 - x8

W942504CH-6 - x4


They said the x4 are single bank and the x8 are double bank, but he had no data on the corsair memory (cm74sd1024r) and I was curious as to deciphering Corsairs model numbers the same way


Thanks, gregg

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