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MSI K8N Neo2 + Corsair TWINX1024-3200XLPRO DDR


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Just got my new PC and I have put it together :D: .

But did it work, Nope :[pouts:

Problem was that is started and then after 20 sec i just died. That was the first boot with it. And it is stille the same with Corsair XL Pro. But if I change to another Ram from Corsair it just beeeep beeeeep beeeep beeeeep. Or the screen just turns black a boot and stays there forever. I think this is a Bios problem and will Hotswap it tomorrow but does anyone know anything else that could be wrong? I have also tried to find a Ram Guide on MSI site. But it is not good enough.


CPU: AMD 64 Winchester 3200 S939

MOAB: MSI K8N Neo2 54g

AGP: Geforce 6800Gt GS GLH

PSU: Chieftech 360W and CWT 350W

RAM: Corsair Corsair TWINX1024-3200XLPRO DDR

Hdd: WD 74G Raptor, WD 200.


Sorry for my bad english ;):



I just updated the Bios with Hotswap. It did not work, just the same. have tried out 5 different rams now.(4 of them where corsair 2100,2700,3200 and 4000, they all work fine on different computers) just the same happened.

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